InoCure s.r.o. is a SME focused on development of advanced nanomaterials for life science use. We are developing drug delivery and scaffolding systems based on nano/microparticles (μSphere technology) and nanofibrous systems (InoMATRIX technology).


InoCure helps its partners design next generation of drug delivery systems and introduce those into mass production. —


A medicine delivered in the right amount at the right time in the right place is a medicine delivered well.

3D cell culture

  • InoMATRIX system is a 3D cell culture platform based on biocompatible fibrous scaffolds.
  • The fibrous structure resembles native ECM and supports in-vivo like cell behaviour during in vitro cell cultivation.
  • InoMATRIX kit supports growth of multiple cell types and is compatible with wide range of functional assays.
  • InoMATRIX scaffolds are delivered as ready-to-use kits in standard microplate formats.

Custom nanoencapsulation

  • Nanoencapsulation improves availability and stability of susceptible bioactive molecules.
  • We offer custom nanoencapsulation and optimization of release kinetics to meet the needs of particular application.
  • The core/shell electrospinning technology combines advantages of fibrous meshes with unprecedented control of biomolecule release.
  • µSphere technology enables encapsulation of active substances into nano/microparticles for biomedical, cosmetic and food application.